Entrepreneurial Finance

da Lunedì, Aprile 15, 2019 a Venerdì, Maggio 31, 2019

Entrepreneurial Finance

Elective Course in Management & Finance

A course led by Livio Scalvini, Founder and CEO – Venture4Impact



15/04; 03/05; 17/05 and 31/05 from 09:00 to 13:00. 

All lectures are in Room R25. 



1 identification of the emerging paradigms for corporate transformation in technology, business, organizational and financial models

2 discussion of the strategic components in the creation and scaling up of start-ups

3 selection of the right mix of equity funding options for start ups

4 design of start-up projects and identification of appropriate action plans to run the business


Short Bio:

Livio is founder and CEO of GOLDEN for Impact, an innovative co-lab of executives from business, academia, social enterprises and institutions co-creating and experimenting alternative models for joint economic and human value creation. Livio is serial entrepreneur, investor and advisor in international start-ups. He is a speaker at international conferences on innovation, venture capital, entrepreneurship and startup financing. He has been Director of Corporate Innovation, Head of Venture Capital, Head of Investment Banking Strategy in Intesa Sanpaolo.  He has published books in Innovation, Strategic Planning and Dynamics of financial markets. Livio is also an Innovation Expert for Action Institute and volunteer for micro-finance programs in Central America and West Africa.


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