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IT Laboratories and Services

The IT services we have activated allow you to carry out many activities online and with the help of computers and internet. For example, you can interact with teachers and offices and always be updated on your career and the activities of the Department and the University, you can use the freely accessible computer and language laboratories and study online through the DIR e-learning platform (Didattica In Rete: Didactics Online).

We advise you to check daily:

  • the Department website, which you are browsing now
  • your university mailbox which has this format “”  and which you can consult on the GMAIL service
  • The e-mail service is activated for all students enrolled in degree programmes, 1st and 2nd level post-grad courses and PhDs of the University of Eastern Piedmont. It is not necessary to submit any request.
  • the "DIR - Didattica in rete" portal where you can find the teaching material that teachers make available online to support face-to-face lessons

Don’t forget the University website

Also, you have:

  • the "Online services for students" portal (Servizi online per studenti) that allows you to check your university status, verifying in real time personal data, exams taken, fees and administrative documents; also, through this service, you can book exams.
  • Remember: if you are unable to access "Online Student Services" it means that your password has been blocked by the system (this happens after a few unsuccessful login attempts). In this case you must contact the DISEI Students Admin Office to request resetting of the password for the "Online Services".

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